Achieving prosperity is not rocket science. You work hard, make wise decisions, and earn it. 
And you ensure others, including the government, do not rob you of it or unjustly 
regulate your enterprise out of existence.
Our nation’s founders crafted a form of government which resulted in the most prosperous, generous, and free society in the history of the world. God blessed our land with an abundance of natural resources and the ability to harvest and use them wisely. He blessed our people with the fiercely independent and ingenuous American spirit.
Here, Utah Rep ken Ivory explains the historic keys to American Prosperity in a power packed 2 minute video clip.
Societies prosper when government facilitates fair trade, sound money, and protection of property. Prosperity flourishes when governments allow the human spirit and work ethic to be unleashed in a system of free, fair, and open markets.
Prosperity comes from providing products or services either for yourself, your family, or that others desire to buy from you willingly. It does not come from a government which forces people to buy something, from printing irresponsible volumes of fiat money, or from adding unsustainable levels of publicly funded jobs and programs paid for with debt or unjust taxation.
Go to Americans for Prosperity for extensive issues-based information on sound economic practices.
Prosperity is the state of flourishing, thriving and having the ability to provide for ourselves and our families.  As Republicans we support principles that foster strength and well-being.  The Republican party has always encouraged incentive to succeed… This is not achieved by endless handouts,  but rather by hard work and accomplishment.  You as an American citizen should always be rewarded for your hard work and effort.
I will continue to stand firm for the principles that allow all Americans the opportunity to achieve prosperity.